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Apache Solr/Elasticsearch: How to Manage Multi-term Concepts out of the Box?

This flash blog post will address a very specific and common problem : how to manage entities/concepts composed by multiple terms in a vanilla Apache Solr/Elasticsearch instance ( no plugins or extensions to install). The (deployment) context An Elasticsearch or Apache Solr¬†infrastructure where you cannot install third-party components (e.g. plugins, filters, query parsers). This can…

Apache Solr Distributed Search Document Frequency Scalability Search Tips And Tricks

Distributed Search Tips for Apache Solr

Distributed search is the foundation for Apache Solr Scalability : It’s possible to distributed search across different Apache Solr nodes of the same collection ( both in a ¬†legacy[1] or SolrCloud[2] architecture), but it is also possible to distribute search across different collections in a SolrCloud cluster. Aggregating results from different collections may be useful…

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