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Thinking about acting alone in the age of globalisation not only turns out to be out of time, but could also lead to considerable disadvantages. Forging business partnerships is an extraordinary opportunity for businesses to cope with an ever-changing market and the difficulties that exist in meeting consumer demand.
That’s why we decided to develop a partnership programme to realize joint or complementary projects and to obtain a competitive advantage.


Why partner with Sease

Complement your skills

As top-class IR experts we can complement your team allowing you to deliver more comprehensive projects.

Stand out in your market

Be different from your competitors by offering a full package of additional services.

Exclusive access

Learn about our services thanks to exclusive access to trainings, events and materials.

Our partners

SearchStax offers end-to-end search solutions for better search – Managed Solr infrastructure on the backend and Site Search on the frontend.


SoftInstigate provides cutting-edge engineering solutions for software development and digital transformation. We help our customers speed up and improve their software development and delivery processes.

Serendipity S.r.l. is an innovative start-up focused on the development of software solutions and products based mainly on Java Enterprise technologies. We have significant experience in supporting customers to adopt Search Engines and Machine Learning solutions in all phases of implementation.

Public and private organizations that need to search their knowledge, including PDFs, MS Office documents and images, use Datafari Enterprise Search. It federates their knowledge wherever it is, on the cloud or on-premise. Customers from the Defense, Banking, Utility industries and many more already trust Datafari.

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