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Be the Search Expert of tomorrow

Search is one of the most underestimated functionalities in the IT industry. The first interaction a user has is to hit the search bar. What happens if it can’t find what it was looking for? It leaves.
That’s why Companies across the world are looking for skilled search experts to help structure their data sets into useful information.


Public training sessions are live on Zoom, with our search experts as trainers. 
They are perfect for those who want to join a classroom and don’t have specific needs.


If you are looking for intensive sessions tailored to your (or your team’s) experience, then private training is your perfect choice!
You can choose between online or live training.


These training sessions offer the flexibility to learn at your own pace. No need to rush through the content or worry about falling behind.

Apache Solr

Sease delivers professional Apache Solr trainings. Perfect for those who want to start a new career in the Search world or want to master this platform.


Gain a significant and clear understanding of Information Retrieval systems and the high-level internal functioning of Elasticsearch.

Search Relevance

Learn how to design, develop, and configure your Open-source search engine to maximize how well the search results fit the user information need.

Learning to Rank

Solve a ranking problem by integrating a machine learning system with your search engine. Learn how to build a training set, train your model and test it both online and offline.

Search Quality

Learn why measuring the quality of your search engine matters, and how to integrate evaluation tools into your ecosystem. This training is for both technical and business roles.

Artificial Intelligence
in Search

Learn how to design and implement intelligent natural language search leveraging Open Source software and learn about language modelling and vector-based search.