Are you struggling to find the right Vespa Training around the enormous amount of training sessions you have found online?
In order to choose the right one for you or for your business, you have to be sure it is for your level of expertise and with the right modality (online, on-site, public classroom or private).
But most of all, the right Vespa Training must be held by Vespa experts.

End-to-End Vespa Neural Search Tutorial

2 hours training

In this tutorial, we will explore the powerful capabilities of Vespa, an open source big data processing and serving engine developed by Yahoo. Specifically, we will explore how Vespa leverages neural networks to enhance search functionality and deliver highly relevant and personalized results.

Vespa Ad-hoc Training


If you are not an entry-level, or would just like to cover specific topics, contact us to develop a personalized course that fulfil all your requests.


Are you a company?

We offer on-site or remote training for teams with special discounts.
If you are a company that would like to improve the knowledge of your team on Vespa, you are in the right place! 
Contact us to develop a programme for your team members: choose the location, the modality and the level that perfectly fits your requirements.

On site or remote 
Live or recorded
From beginner to expert