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// apache solr Neural Highlighting Plugin overview

‘Highlighting’ is the ability of a search engine to make it easier to find the information you’re looking for on a document by highlighting relevant sections directly on the search result page.

Powered by cutting-edge large language models for question-answering, our Neural Highlighting plugin empowers your search engine to identify the most relevant paragraphs for a query, right within the search results.
Say goodbye to exact match requirements – our plugin intelligently extracts relevant answers from the provided context, ensuring your users get the information they need, effortlessly.

Gone are the days of sifting through entire documents or clicking multiple documents for answers. By saving your users valuable time, they’ll quickly find the right information, boosting satisfaction and engagement.

Latest Update: 1 October 2023
Published: 1 October 2023

Compatible With: Apache Solr 9.x

Included in the package:
Apache Solr plugin binaries
Pdf Documentation

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3 Reasons why
you should buy the Apache Solr Neural Highlighting Plugin


Discover the freedom to create your perfect solution! With our product, you’ll have the flexibility to fully customize the configuration, tailoring it precisely to suit your individual preferences and needs. No more settling for one-size-fits-all solutionsnow you can enjoy a personalized experience that aligns seamlessly with your requirements.


You can either choose from a predefined model integrated within our plugin (i.e. a BERT-style pre-trained model fine-tuned for question-answering tasks) or use your own custom model (located in a specified path), thus having the freedom to tailor the plugin to your specific needs.


The plugin allows you to specify one or more fields in the document, enabling you to extract multiple snippets and highlight answers from multiple places at the same time. This feature empowers you to showcase relevant information from diverse sources within the search results, enhancing the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the highlighted answers.


Experience the effortless transformation of your Apache Solr search infrastructure with our cutting-edge Neural Highlighting plugin!

Integrating this game-changing tool into your existing setup is an absolute breeze, demanding only minimal modifications and steering clear of any complex setup processes.
You’ll need to install a server-side component (an independent Python app, that handles the language model and does the inference) and the Apache Solr plugin (the client that talks with the question/answering server).

Just like the familiar Solr plugins you already know, our solution comes packaged in a convenient Java jar file, making installation a breeze with straightforward step(s) that won’t leave you scratching your head. Say goodbye to unnecessary hassle and welcome the power of Neural Highlighting seamlessly into your Apache Solr, revolutionizing the way you explain the retrieved information.


Abandoning the limits of exact matches and lexical search, it generates remarkably accurate snippets that take your user experience to a whole new level. Say goodbye to endless searching and sifting through irrelevant data. Our plugin empowers you to swiftly highlight the most relevant information, providing instant access to the answers you seek.
The result? A user experience that surpasses all expectations, making information retrieval faster, smoother, and more satisfying than ever before.

Get ready to transform your search game and captivate your users with the unparalleled power of our cutting-edge Neural Highlighting Plugin!