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London Information Retrieval Meetup [November 2023]

We are delighted to announce the nineteenth London Information Retrieval Meetup, a free evening event aimed at Information Retrieval enthusiasts and professionals who are curious to explore and discuss the latest trends in the field.

This time the Meetup is Hybrid, with a live event in London, thanks to BCS and Search Solutions, being streamed online on Zoom!

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BCS London Headquarters,
Ground Floor, 25
Copthall Avenue

Date: 20th November 2023 | open doors from 6:00 PM (GMT)
This is a satellite event of the annual Search Solution Conference. Feel free to register for the main event here:

Search solutions tutorials
Search solutions conference

// online

Location: Zoom [You will receive the link after the registration]

Date: 20th November 2023 | 6:15-8:00 PM (GMT)



The event will be structured around 2 technical talks, each followed by a Q&A session. The event will end with a networking session.

> Open doors from 6:00 GMT (in-presence)

> 6:15 GMT open doors for virtual attendees

  • Welcome & Latest News – Alessandro Benedetti, Director @ Sease

> 6:30 GMT First talk – User-Centred Interactive Information Access – Haiming Liu | Associate Professor and Director @ Centre for Machine Intelligence (CMI) – University of Southampton
> 7:15 GMT Second talk – Dataset Discovery in Data Spaces – Luis-Daniel Ibáñez | Lecturer in the Web and Internet Science team @ University of Southampton
> 8:00 GMT Networking session + buffet

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User-Centred Interactive Information Access

Human-centric information technology is not only beneficial to users but also crucial for
business who design and develops information technology products for their customers. In this task,
I will be presenting the work that my research team has been working on to address the problems
and challenges in user-centred interactive information access, which aims to provide you insights on
what you may be able to apply to your work and products.

// speaker

Haiming Liu

(centre for machine intelligence)

Dr Haiming Liu is an Associate Professor and Director of Centre for Machine Intelligence (CMI) at University of Southampton. Haiming specialises in designing and developing user-centred multimedia and multimodal information access and retrieval technologies. Haiming is keen on exploring future direction of the user-centred information access and retrieval in the context of generative AI, ethical, and responsible AI and the development of the innovative interaction technologies with emerging hardware and software. Her research outcomes have been applied to
multidisciplinary domains, such as E-learning, E-commerce, E-Health, and E-government, etc.
Haiming is active in knowledge exchange projects that aim to transfer her knowledge and expertise to improve the industrial productivity and solve business problems.

// second talk

Dataset Discovery in Data Spaces

A common task in Data Science practice is to search for datasets required for a given task.
In this talk, I will introduce the problem of dataset search (aka Discovery), explain differences and similarities with other verticals its and provide a summary of the state of the art. I will also provide an overview of the additional challenges faced as we move towards the realisation of Common Data Spaces, an abstraction to facilitate the free flow of data for common and fair exploitation by multiple actors.

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Luis-Daniel Ibáñez

Lecturer in the web and internet science team @ university of southampton
Dr. Luis-Daniel Ibáñez is a Lecturer in the Web and Internet Science team at the University of Southampton where he is also a member of the Centre for Machine Intelligence. He is currently technical coordinator of the Horizon Europe UPCAST project, a multi-million effort aimed at
providing universal plugins to support common functionalities of data sharing platforms and marketplaces in the context of Data Spaces. Previously, he was a Research Fellow working on Crowdsourcing and Human-in-the-loop data management, as well as managing cascade funding for
European companies innovating using Open Data in the Open Data Incubator for Europe (ODINE) project. He holds a PhD from the University of Nantes, France, where he studied the intersection between the Semantic Web and Distributed Databases.
// third talk

A Deep Dive into Personalized Information Retrieval

Personalization in Information Retrieval is a problem studied by the research community since a long time. It aims to tailor the search outcome to a specific user (or group of users) based on the knowledge of her/his interests and online behavior. Recent advances in Deep Neural Networks have proved their ability to face tasks related to natural language processing and to extract relevant features from either texts and structured sources.
In this talk we will explore the innovative utilization of Deep Neural Networks in the development of Personalized Information Retrieval systems. Through this talk, we aim to highlight the significant progress and novel insights emerging from our ongoing research, at University of Milano-Bicocca, in the evolving landscape of Personalized Information Retrieval.
// speaker

Pranav Kasela

PhD Student @ Università Milano-Bicocca
His research interest revolves around the application of Neural Models in information retrieval systems, recommender systems, and various NLP tasks. 
Currently, he is pursuing his PhD under the supervision of Gabriella Pasi (University of Milano-Bicocca) and Raffaele Perego (ISTI-CNR, Pisa). The PhD focuses on Personalization in Information Retrieval.
// presentation

Huawei presents ModelArts - Simple tooling for your AI

Huawei Cloud finally approached Europe coming with ModelArts among many other cloud services! ModelArts is a one-stop AI development platform geared toward developers and data scientists of all skill levels. It enables you to rapidly develop, build, train, and deploy models anywhere, and manage full-lifecycle AI workflows supporting mainstream open-source AI development frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and MindSpore.

// speaker


Developer Advocate @ Huawei Cloud

With several years as Developer Advocate for Huawei Mobile Services, He’s now on Huawei Cloud (EU) services, supporting developers, communities and events. As ML enthusiast, coming with a bright past on ML Kit from Huawei Mobile Services, He’s now focusing on ModelArts from Huawei Cloud, regularly playing with Jupyter Notebooks.

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