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Sease at Community Over Code 2023

Community Over Code

Community Over Code will feature four in-person days of sessions at the Halifax Convention Centre, with tracks focusing on Search, Big Data, Internet of Things, Community, Geospatial, Cassandra, Financial Tech, and many other topics.

Location: Halifax Convention Centre
Date: 7th-10th October 2023

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Introducing Multi-valued Vector Fields in Apache Lucene

7th October - 4:10 PM

Since the introduction of native vector-based search in Apache Lucene happened, many features have been developed, but the support for multiple vectors in a dedicated KNN vector field remained to explore. Having the possibility of indexing (and searching) multiple values per field unlocks the possibility of working with long textual documents, splitting them into paragraphs, and encoding each paragraph as a separate vector: a scenario that is often encountered by many businesses. This talk explores the challenges, the technical design and the implementation activities that happened during the work for this contribution to the Apache Lucene project. The audience is expected to get an understanding of how multi-valued fields can work in a vector-based search use case and how this feature has been implemented.

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Alessandro Benedetti

Founder @ Sease
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