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ecir 2018

Sease at ECIR 2018


The ECIR conference is the premier European forum for the presentation of new research results in the broadly conceived area of Information Retrieval (IR).

Location: Grenoble (France)

Date: 26-29 March 2018

ecir 2018
// our talk

From Academic Papers to Production: A Learning To Rank Story

This talk is about the journey to bring Learning To Rank (LTR from now on) to the e-commerce domain in a real world scenario, including all the pitfalls and disillutions involved. 
LTR is a fantastic approach to solve complex ranking problems but industry domains are far from being the ideal world where those technologies were designed and experimented : open source software implementations are not working perfectly out of the box and require advanced tuning; industry training data is dirty, noisy and incomplete. 
This talk will guide you through the different phases and technologies involved in a LTR project with a pragmatic approach. 
Feature Engineering, Domain Modelling, Training Set Building, Model Training, Search Integration and Online Evaluation : each of them presents different challenges in the real world and must be carefully approached.

// our speaker

Alessandro Benedetti

Founder @ Sease


Lisa Biella

Lisa Biella is a creative digital marketer, geek at heart who is enthusiastic about technology and how it affects people’s lives.

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