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Search Quality Evaluation
[Product Manager]

From the creators of Rated Ranking Evaluator, a deep dive into Search Quality Evaluation. Whatever is your technical level, you’ll appreciate why measuring the quality of your search engine really matters. At Sease, we offer this Search Quality Evaluation Training for both technical and business roles. This is the course for product managers: it focuses on a direct and clear communication for business level/management people.

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Skills You Will Gain

• Deep understanding of relevance;
• How to measure the search quality of your search engine;
• How to build your golden truth;
• Clear understanding of offline/online evaluation metrics;
• How to integrate evaluation technologies/tools with your ecosystem.


• Management background
• Familiarity with search engine technologies/search projects

Intended Audience

Search Team Managers, Product Owners, Business Owners.

// search quality evaluation training

Our Trainers

Andrea Gazzarrini


RRE Creator Andrea Gazzarini is a curious software engineer, mainly focused on the Java language and Search technologies. With more than 15 years of experience in various software engineering areas, his adventure in the search world began in 2010, when he met Apache Solr and later Elasticsearch.      

Alessandro Benedetti


Alessandro has been involved with Rated Ranking Evaluator since the early stages of development and has actively contributed to the cause through code and evangelization at various international conferences (ECIR, Haystack EU, Haystack US, FOSDEM…). Over the years he has lead various projects aiming to build search quality evaluation solution including Rated Ranking Evaluator Enterprise. Working across the various development phases, from business requirements collection to design and implementation, he has matured a comprehensive perspective on the problem.

// search quality evaluation training

Full Programme

  • Why it is important to measure the quality of your search system

  • Offline Evaluation Metrics

  • Online Evaluation Metrics

  • Implicit Feedback

  • Explicit Feedback

  • How to Build your Rating Set

  • When to run Search Quality Evaluation

  • Open Source Tools Overview
  • Enterprise Tools Overview
  • Integrate Evaluation in your delivery ecosystem
  • Continuous Evaluation
  • Explainability of your results
  • Search Quality evaluation in e-commerce

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