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What is Learning to Rank and How to Build your Training Set

With LTR becoming more and more popular, organizations struggle with the problem of how to collect and structure relevance signals necessary to train their ranking models.

This training is a technical guide to exploring and mastering various techniques to generate your training set(s) correctly and efficiently. 


£ 150,00

If you are not able to attend public training, this is the best option for you. You will be able to take the course at your own pace and rhythm and learn whenever it fits your schedule and mood.
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Public Training

£ 180,00

after 15th Jan: 250,00 £
6th February 2024
5:00 - 7:00 PM GMT
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If you are looking for intensive sessions tailored on your (or your team) experience, then private training is your perfect choice! You can choose between online or live training.
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Based on experience with leading companies including

Based on experience with leading companies including

// feedback
"The training has prepared me well to tackle my own project. It helped me to understand how to set up the project and which tools or algorithms I can use for it. The content of the training is quite compact, but not overloaded, so that there was also time for individual questions. I particularly liked the fact that Alessandro shared his experiences from older projects, which allowed him to point out potential problems."
Julia Silberberg

• Basic understanding of Search Engines and Machine Learning


• Model and collect the necessary feedback from the users (implicit or explicit)
• Calculate for each training sample a relevance label that is meaningful and not ambiguous (Click Through Rate, Sales Rate …)
• Transform the raw data collected in an effective training set (in the numerical vector format most of the LTR training libraries expect)


• Technical Managers
• Data scientists
• Software Engineers
• Developers
• Machine Learning passionates

// How to build your training set and train your model

Your Trainers

Alessandro Benedetti


Alessandro has been involved in designing and developing search-relevant solutions from 2010.
Over the years he has worked on various projects, with various open source technologies aiming to build search solutions able to satisfy the user information needs, often integrating such solutions with machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

Anna Ruggero

R&D Search Software Engineer, her focus is on the integration of Information Retrieval systems with advanced Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Data Mining algorithms. She likes to find new solutions that integrate her work as a Search Consultant with the latest Academia studies.

Full Program

  • Introduction to Learning To Rank
  • Offline Learning To Rank (approaches and algorithms)
  • Online Learning To Rank (algorithms and state of the art)
  • Create a training set (feature engineering and relevance estimation)
  • Learning To Rank metrics
  • Create a test set for evaluation
Frequently Asked Question

The Learning To Rank How to build your training set and train your model trainings will take place live on zoom!
We are working on being able to provide a recording of the training for those interested.

Everyone can participate on this training, the only prerequisites are written just over there!

Learning To Rank How to build your training set and train your model training last 4 hours.

You will be able to ask every question you have during the training!

Your teachers will be:
  – Alessandro Benedetti, Apache Lucene/Solr committer and Apache Solr PMC member.
  – Andrea Gazzarini, RRE Creator with more than 15 years of experience in various software engineering areas.

Sure, at the end of the training you will receive a certificate of attendance by e-mail.

If you can’t attend last minute you can contact us and reschedule on a different date with our team. Bear in mind this will have to be a private training.  

Yes, you can contact us and find the best option for you and your team!


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