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Apache Solr Neural Search Tutorial

The vector-based approach is already widely used in search and is finally available in Apache Solr from version 9.0.
In this training, you will learn how to leverage this new Apache Solr feature to index and search vectors and perform a full end-to-end neural search with real examples to improve your search experience!


£ 200,00

If you are not able to attend public training, this is the best option for you. You will be able to take the course at your own pace and rhythm and learn whenever it fits your schedule and mood.
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  • Q&A by e-mail
  • Certificate of Attendance


Public Training

Unfortunately, the dates of this training have already passed, and there is no other schedule ahead. If you wish to attend this training, we recommend to ask for a private training or buy the pre-recorded version. If you want to stay up to date on our training sessions, subscribe to our newsletter and you will always be aware of what is happening at the Sease.
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• Basic understanding of Search Engines.
• Basic understanding of Neural Search principles.
• Familiarity with Apache Solr.
• Attendees need Java installed on their computer.


• How Apache Solr implementation works, with the new field type and query parser introduced
• How to generate vector embeddings from text using pre-trained language models
• How to create an index containing vector fields
• How to Index documents using pysolr
• How to Run KNN queries (with and without filters) and use them to rerank a first-stage pass


• Software engineers
• Data scientists
• Developers

Based on experience with leading companies including

Based on experience with leading companies including

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I recently took the course on Apache Solr Neural Search and I must say it was really good. Alessandro and Ilaria were very knowledgeable and presented the material in a clear and concise manner. They went over the contents at a reasonable pace giving enough time for questions at the end of each section. The training was extremely helpful in understanding the concepts and implementation of vector-based search in Solr.
I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to avail of Solr neural search capabilities to improve search experience.
Ahmad Abdelghany
Software Development Manager @ Shutterstock
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Your Trainers

Alessandro Benedetti


Alessandro has been involved in designing and developing search-relevant solutions since 2010.
Over the years he has worked on various projects, with various open source technologies aiming to build search solutions able to satisfy user information needs, often integrating such solutions with machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

Ilaria Petreti

Data Scientist, passionate about the world of Artificial Intelligence. She loves applying Data Mining and Machine Learning techniques to help companies making careful data-driven decisions and increase their efficiency.

Full Program

  • Brief Overview
  • Download Solr
  • Produce Vectors Externally
  • Create an index containing a vector field
  • Index documents
  • Search exploiting vector fields (KNN query, KNN query + Filter, Boolean Search, Re-ranking)
  • Future works
Frequently Asked Question

The End-to-End Apache Solr Neural Search Tutorial will take place live on zoom!
We are working on being able to provide a recording of the training for those interested.

Everyone can participate on this training, the only prerequisites are written just over there!

The End-to-End Apache Solr Neural Search Tutorial last 4 hours.

You will be able to ask every question you have during the training!

Your teachers will be:
– Alessandro Benedetti, Apache Lucene/Solr committer and Apache Solr PMC member
– Ilaria Petreti, R&D Software Engineer at Sease

Sure, at the end of the training you will receive a certificate of attendance by e-mail.

If you can’t attend last minute you can contact us and reschedule on a different date with our team. Bear in mind this will have to be a private training.  

Yes, you can contact us and find the best option for you and your team!


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