Ilaria Petreti

Information Retrieval/Machine Learning Engineer

Ilaria is a Data Scientist passionate about the world of Artificial Intelligence.
After a first experience in the healthcare sector, she recently got a Master in Data
Science, strongly believing in the power of Big Data and Digital Transformation.
Thanks to the practical application on Flight Delay Prediction developed during her
thesis work, she implemented several Data Mining and Machine Learning techniques
and became familiar with the programming language R.
She loves preprocessing data, analyzing the patterns behind data, and applying
predictive models to generate future insights with the purpose of helping companies
to make careful data-driven decisions and increase their efficiency.
As a Data Scientist, she also understood the impact that a well-designed visualization
can have at communicating an idea or piece of information and this was the reason
she also obtained a Tableau Certification, learning how to make effective data
Currently, she is also involved in a Research Project, in collaboration with an Italian
Senior Researcher, deepening her knowledge about Ensemble Learning, with a
specific focus on the Super Learner algorithm.