Introducing Weighted Synonyms in Apache Lucene/Solr

This blog post is about our latest contribution to the Apache Lucene/Solr project:introducing the ability of assigning different weights to synonyms.This contribution aims to help users that deal with complex synonyms dictionaries where it's important to associate a numerical weight to each of them, for example to boost the ones that are more important in … Continue reading Introducing Weighted Synonyms in Apache Lucene/Solr

Synonyms and Stopwords: Vademecum

In this post we'll cover two additional synonyms scenarios and we'll try to summarise all previous tips in a coincise form. Following the approach of the previous posts [1] [2] [3], everything can be applied both to Apache Solr and Elasticsearch. Preconditions Synonyms and stopwords at query time: this is not just a "theoretical" constraint; … Continue reading Synonyms and Stopwords: Vademecum

Still Synonyms + Stopwords?? Mamma mia!

The Context Brief recap of where we arrived in the preceding article: we had the following synonyms and stopwords settings: synonyms = {"out of warranty","oow"} stopwords = {"of"} Both of those filters were configured exclusively at query-time; the synonym filter first and then the stopwords filter. Using the built-in StopFilter we had a synonym detection … Continue reading Still Synonyms + Stopwords?? Mamma mia!