Alessandro Benedetti
R&D Software Engineer, Search Consultant, Director

Alessandro Benedetti is the founder of Sease.
Senior Search Software Engineer, his focus is on R&D in Information Retrieval, Information Extraction, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning.
He firmly believes in Open Source as a way to build a bridge between Academia and Industry and facilitate the progress of applied research.

Following his passion he entered the Apache Lucene and Solr world in 2010 becoming an active member of the community and Apache Lucene/Solr Committer.
Experience with a great variety of clients has taught him to be a proficient and professional consultant.
Recently Alessandro has worked on integrating Apache Solr’s Learning To Rank in various company ecosystems with the aim of improving search result relevancy.
Prior to that he designed and developed an enterprise semantic search engine known as Sensefy using approaches such as Named Entity Recognition at indexing time, advanced autocompletion, and document similarity metrics.
When he isn’t developing a new search solution he is presenting the applications of leading edge techniques in real world scenarios at conferences such as ECIR, Haystack EU, Haystack US, Lucene/Solr Revolution, Apachecon and Open Source Summit.

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