Ilaria Petreti

information retrieval engineer
machine learning engineer

Data Scientist and R&D Software Engineer, her focus is on integrating Machine Learning (Learning to Rank technologies), Deep Learning (Neural Search) and Search Quality Evaluation into information retrieval systems. She loves exploring new technologies and applying state-of-the-art solutions in Search.


After an initial experience in the healthcare sector, believing strongly in the power of Big Data and Digital Transformation, Ilaria earned a Master in Data Science.
Since joining the Sease team (in 2020), she has gained a diverse range of experiences through projects related to Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for Information Retrieval systems.
Ilaria has been working on integrating Learning To Rank and Search Quality Evaluation in e-commerce ecosystems, with the goal of improving their performance and the relevance of search results.
Additionally, she is an active member of the information retrieval research community, regularly sharing her knowledge through blogs and talks, contributing to open source projects, and participating at international conferences, such as Berlin Buzzword, where she presented her research on using word2vec to generate synonyms on the fly in Apache Lucene.


Machine Learning

Neural Search

Learning to Rank

Search Quality Evaluation

Research Topics

✓ Learning to Rank
✓ Natural Language Processing
✓ Neural search
✓ Search Engine Performance