Elia Porciani

R&D Software Engineer
Search Consultant

R&D Search Software Engineer, his focus relies in information retrieval, advanced algorithms, data structure design and high performance computing.
He likes to explore new solutions for improving information retrieval performance.


Elia is a computer scientist with a passion for high-performance computing and advanced algorithms, particularly in the field of information retrieval. He obtained his degree from the University of Pisa in 2016 with a dissertation focused on optimizing query performance and index compression. Before joining Sease, Elia honed his skills through experiences at Intecs, List, and the Italian National Research Council, where he gained proficiency in a wide range of computer science fields, including embedded programming, networking, and high-level trading algorithms.
At Sease, Elia has leveraged his expertise to work on complex and large-scale software engineering projects, integrating open source search engines such as Solr and Elasticsearch and optimizing indexing and query times.
He is an active contributor to the information retrieval research community, having published works on this subject, including “Faster BlockMax WAND with Variable-sized Blocks” at SIGIR 2017, “Faster BlockMax WAND with Longer Skipping” at ECIR 2019, and “Dense Retrieval with Apache Solr Neural Search” at ECIR 2022.
He made several contributions to Alfresco Search Services and from 2022 he actively contributed to integrating dense retrieval in Apache Solr.


Information Retrieval

Software Architecture

Algorithm Design

High Performance Computing

Research Topics

✓ Information Retrieval
✓ Data Compression
✓ Search Engine Performance
✓ Hight Performance Computing