Daniele Antuzi

R&D Software Engineer

Software engineer passionate about high-performance data structures and algorithms.
He likes studying and experimenting new technologies trying to improve the state of art.


Passionate about advanced algorithms, Daniele got a master’s degree at the University of Pisa in 2014 and he chose to study Information Retrieval finding it an interesting topic.
After his studies, he has been working for 4 years in finance (List spa) and 2 years in cloud services (Amazon Web Services) but his curiosity to learn more about information retrieval brings him to join Sease.
During his experience at Sease, he had the possibility to collaborate with multiple companies around the world, analyzing and improving their search engines.
He gained more practical experience dealing with a search engine in the music field:
– optimizing performance and relevance of complex queries;
– optimizing the indexing performance
– upgrading the Solr version with no service downtime.
He presented at the London Information Retrieval Meetup in March 2022 his studies about the QueryResultCache and FilterCache in Apache Solr providing some recommendations for better cache usage.
He is working on an open source contribution to Lucene presented at the BerlinBuzzword conference in June 2022.
He has deep knowledge of back-end programming using languages like Java but also has some basic knowledge about web programming and dev-ops systems.
In his free time, he loves spending time doing some outdoor sports like running or playing football and, more importantly, drinking a beer with friends.


Information Retrieval

Software Architecture

Distributed Algorithms

High Performance Computing

Research Topics

✓ Information Retrieval
✓ Search Engine Performance
✓ Learning To Rank
✓ Dev-ops tools

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