Anna Ruggero

R&D Software Engineer
Search Consultant

R&D Search Software Engineer, her focus is on the integration of Information Retrieval systems with advanced Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Data Mining algorithms. She likes to find new solutions that integrate her work as a Search consultant with the latest Academia studies.


Anna has demonstrated passion for Information Retrieval since the University, attempting the Information Retrieval course at the University of Padua and writing her computer science master degree dissertation on Entity Search.
She awarded a scholarship for the 12th edition of the European Summer School in Informaton Retrieval held in the University of Milano-Bicocca. There she had the opportunity to deepen the most recent research and approaches in the field of information retrieval, including search relevance, user interactions, machine learning and natural language processing.
She actively works to support clients in the process of improving their search engines with the implementation of innovative personalised solutions.
She also writes for Sease’s blog believing in the importance of sharing knowledge.


Learning To Rank

Natural Language Processing

Search Relevance

Search Quality Evaluation

Research Topics

✓ Entity Search
✓ Interleaving
✓ Learning To Rank