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A free evening meetup aimed at Information Retrieval passionates and professionals who are curious to explore and discuss the latest trends in the field.

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Your Partner for
Information Retrieval Projects

Sease mission is to make research in Information Retrieval more accessible to an industry audience, transforming the best research principles, ideas and implementations from academia into real-world products.
Focus of the company is to provide R&D projects guidance and implementation, search consulting services, training and search solutions using open source software such as Apache Lucene/Solr, Elasticsearch, Apache ManifoldCF, Apache Stanbol, Apache openNLP, OpenSearch and Vespa .

We are active members of the Open Source community before being Apache Lucene/Solr Committer


We deeply care about
evangelizing and educating
the search experts of tomorrow

Learning to Rank
Solve a ranking problem integrating machine learning system with your search engine. Learn how to build a training set, train your model and test it both online and offline
Search Relevance
Satisfy the user information needs. Learn how to develop and configure your open source search engine to maximize how well the search results fit the user information need.
Search Quality Evaluation
Go deep into online/offline search quality evaluation and learn how to integrate these technologies/tools with your ecosystem.

Artificial Intelligence in Search
Learn how to design and implement intelligent natural language search leveraging Open Source software.

On site or remote

Each training is available on site or online, to satisfy specific needs, and may be organized for individuals, small groups or classrooms.

Different levels and targets

We provide different levels (from beginner to expert) and trainings for different targets, to make sure the training course will be a perfect fit for your requirements.


We offer a wide
variety of consulting services

Search Engine

We can design and develop search applications for you and implement new features for your use cases. We can achieve these improvements with the use of different Search platforms like Apache Lucene/Solr, Elasticsearch, Apache ManifoldCF, Apache Stanbol, Apache openNLP, OpenSearch and Vespa.

Machine Learning Integration

We can integrate Machine Learning and semantic technologies with your search application to give a strong boost to your search ecosystem.

Search Relevancy Tuning

We can model your data, design better queries, tune search components and features to target your objectives, integrate advance boosting/techniques to improve the quality of results and evaluate relevancy improvements in a precise and user friendly manner.

Log monitoring/search

We can model your log messages in machine readable formats to then search them and monitor them through powerful frameworks.

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We are trusted worldwide

Emilia Clarke
Michael Lewis
Digital Architect Barclays
Alessandro is an extremely knowledgeable search developer, with a rare level of deep insights into the inner workings of Apache Lucene and Apache Solr. Furthermore, his passion and dedication is exemplary, attending meetups, taking time out of work to attend conferences, and working on open source contributions in his own time. It has been a pleasure working with him, and I would definitely hire Alessandro again if the opportunity arose.
Emilia Clarke
Alex Mukha
I had the pleasure to work with Alessandro and Sease team for over a year and a half. His team was contracted to Search and Discovery team at Alfresco. As a team lead I was very lucky to get such support. Without their input we would not be able to achieve the business goals in the time limits. Their diligent and highly professional work helped not only to make the Search project successful, but also to grow the skills and expertise inside the team. They were able to coach and mentor the developers, provide internal training. Their deep knowledge of Solr and Elasticsearch helped to overcome a lot of complexity and deliver the necessary features and improvements to our customers in a timely manner.
Ashwin Ramesh
Engineering Group Lead at Canva
Canva solicited Sease’s guidance when we were facing some challenging scale and performance problems with our Solr clusters. Specifically, we had issues with our Solr7 cluster configuration & high latencies on tail queries. They worked with us to understand the key challenges with Canva's implementation of Solr & its various collections. They also worked with us to understand how we were operating our Solr clusters at the scale of 1000 RPS to deeply investigate any fundamental operational mistakes. As a result of this partnership, they provided a very comprehensive report of suggestions for improvement. These suggestions allowed us to smoothly upgrade the major version of Solr to 8. We have also seen improved stability of the service, with a reduction in latency spikes under heavy load.
Emilia Clarke
Adam Wilson
DevOps Engineer NetDimensions
Alessandro was able to assess and contribute to our implementation of solr quickly. His insights were useful for our team and have provided our engineers with both guidance and solid improvements. Professional attitude and excellent understanding of Apache Solr and Zookeeper.
Emilia Clarke
Glenn Wiebe
Director of Solutions Information Builders
Alessandro and his team at Sease really helped me get my search and semantic engine project off the ground and going in the right direction. Our project was able to deliver a policing domain specific entity management (vehicles, known offenders, gangs, drugs, and weapons), detection, and enrichment solution because of their deep knowledge of, and best implementation practices around Apache Stanbol. Going beyond solution design, Alessandro and Sease were able to resolve a number of high-level conceptual incongruities in the solution architecture as well fix several low-level configuration / runtime issues. This included bug-fix and code merging into the Apache source track. It was great having a team the could see the big picture and have the hands on experience to get the job done at a very reasonable cost while working well with our project team. Thanks again
Emilia Clarke
Matthew Rodgers
CEO RestaurantZone
Strong experience! Very strong experience, they got the job and worked fast! Most definitely would collaborate again. Andrea is definitely a Solr expert, we really enjoyed having him help us!