Company: Freeman and Clarke Ltd.
Period of work: 1 contract

Freeman Clarke is the largest and most experienced team of fractional CIOs, CTOs and IT Directors. They offer impartial Board-level Technology leaders who become a member of the client’s senior team on a part-time (fractional) basis, with no contractual lock-in and at a fraction of the cost of a full-time.

Sease worked in the Juno search infrastructure.

// Activities Covered
Exploration and Discovery

Sease worked in the Juno search infrastructure for an initial exploration and discovery, focusing at the following areas:

  • System overview

  • JVM settings

  • Query analysis

  • Unused or useless components in the Solr configuration

  • Components / configuration options that could be improved

  • Schema and search endpoint analysis

  • Suspicious configurations that should be deeply investigated

The deliverable consisted in a detailed report where each area above includes a recap of our findings and (wherever possible) a suggestion about the next steps.