Company: DeviceBits (Now Results CX)
Period of work: 6 months

DeviceBits is an AI company that specializes in guided solutions to solve specific, high impact problems in the enterprise. DeviceBits has built fundamental AI technology across a broad area to make automation of troubleshooting and problem-solving tasks for the enterprise a reality.

The area where Sease has been involved is the search infrastructure of one of their mainstream product called Digital Customer Care Service Platform, a platform where end users and back-office users can quickly ask/search and find solutions for all issues related with smart devices.

// Activities Covered
  • Analysis, Refactoring and Tuning of the existing search infrastructure (based on Amazon Elasticsearch) 
  • Improving results precision
  • Building a domain specific vocabulary
  • Creation of a Search Quality Evaluation infrastructure
  • Search infrastructure live incidents troubleshooting and investigations.