Company: Cult
Period of work: 1 contract

Cult for over 15 years has been directing its activities towards consulting, design and development of technological solutions aimed at:

  • Data Management: systems for the management and enhancement of information assets
  • Data Conversion: data processing to transform it into structured information
  • Data Exploration: tools for managing and searching for information

Operational areas

  • “Cultural Heritage” Division
    – Management systems for libraries, documentation centres and archives
    – An user experience platform for an open and intuitive access to information
  • “Enterprise” Division
    – Products and services for management and organizational optimization (BPM, ERP, CRM, …)

Sease has worked with Cult to help them with an on site US consultancy on Blacklight-LD .

// Activities Covered
  • On site (Stanford US) meetings on Blacklight-LD