Intended Audience: Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Machine Learning passionates
Pre-Requisites: Basic understanding of Search Engine Software and Machine Learning
Skills you’ll gain:
– How to integrate Machine Learning with your Search Engine
– How to gather user feedback and prepare your training set
– Ranking models life-cycle
– How to test your ranking models
N.B. we offer both the Apache Solr and Elasticsearch variants.
The big difference is the section that describes how the integration with the search engine works
Duration: 3 days

Apache Solr or Elasticsearch

  • Introduction to LTR
  • Offline Learning to Rank
  • Online Learning to Rank
  • Implicit Feedback
  • Explicit Feedback
  • How to Build your Training Set
  • Feature Engineering
  • Relevance Label Estimation
  • Train/Test/Validation Split
  • How to Train your Model
  • Apache Solr Integration OR Elasticsearch Integration
  • Offline Model Evaluation
  • Online Model Evaluation
  • Explain your Model
  • War Stories