// Deep Learning for Search training
Open Source Approaches

How can you run Neural Search with currently available Open Source technologies?
This training explores the state of the art of how this innovative approach is supported by Open Source search engines such as Elasticsearch, Apache Solr and Vespa.


• Basic understanding of Search Engines and Machine Learning


• How to implement Neural Search (Vector Based Search in: Apache Lucene, Apache Solr, Elasticsearch, Vespa, OpenSearch)


• Technical Managers
• Technical Team Leaders
• Data scientists
• Software Engineers
• Developers

Based on experience with leading companies including

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// Deep learning for search training

Our Trainer

Alessandro Benedetti


Alessandro has been involved in designing and developing search-relevant solutions from 2010.
Over the years he has worked on various projects, with various open source technologies aiming to build search solutions able to satisfy the user information needs, often integrating such solutions with machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

Full Program

  • Apache Lucene Implementation detail and current development status.
  • Apache Solr implementation details, current development status and usages examples(we are the authors of the neural search Apache Solr contributions).
  • Elasticsearch implementation details and development status.
  • OpenSearch implementation details and development status.
  • Vespa implementation details, current development status and usages examples.
Frequently Asked Question

The Deep Learning for Search Open Source Approaches training will take place live on zoom!
For those who can’t participate, it is possible to buy the “pre-recorded” training.

Everyone can participate in this training! You can invite as many people as you want. If you want to buy training for all your team, get in touch with us for a discount!

Deep Learning for Search Open Source Approaches public training last 4 hours (little breaks included!).

You will be able to ask every question you have during the public training!
If you decide to buy the pre-recorded training, you will have a Q&A session by e-mail with your trainer.

Your teacher will be:
  – Alessandro Benedetti, Apache Lucene/Solr committer and Apache Solr PMC member.

Sure, at the end of the training you will receive a certificate of attendance by e-mail.

If you can’t attend last minute you can contact us and reschedule on a different date with our team. Bear in mind this will have to be a private training.  

Yes, you can contact us and find the best option for you and your team!