Sease has worked with Barclays with the focus of improving the search capabilities of the Barclays Now platform.
[Contract 1 – 6 Months] Design and Implementation of a federated search solution
[Contract 2- 6 Months] Search relevancy tuning, team mentoring and live troubleshooting
[Contract 3 – 3 Months] Apache Solr upgrade analysis and design + bugfixes

Barclays Now is the main intranet platform in the Barclays network.
Serving strongly diversified content to more than 180.000 employees, having a federated, centralized search solution has been key to the success of the project.
Sease lead the search team across the entire lifecycle of the software engineering process:

As software engineer specialists in search, Sease main responsibility has been to :
[Software Engineering]
– Design and implement a federated search solution across a number of diversified data sources
– Refactor the Search-API layer introducing unit and integration tests
– Search relevancy tuning ( field weighting, stemming and partial match)
– Advanced search relevancy tuning ( including personalisation of search results)
– Advanced spellcheck design and configuration
– Faceting design and implementation
– Apache Solr upgrade analysis, design and roadmap proposal
– SolrCloud live incidents troubleshooting and investigations
– Design and implement the automated release process through all the environments
– Supervise and coordinate the search team through all the processes
– mentor Agile ceremonies in a sprint based approach ( Backlog grooming, Sprint planning, Stand Up meeting, Sprint Retrospective) encouraging best practices and curating a productive Jira workflow
[Business Analysis]
– Supervise the business analysis tasks with direct collaboration with Senior Stakeholders to gather requirements and elaborate appropriate solutions