Alfresco is a collection of information management software products for Microsoft Windows and Unix-like operating systems developed by Alfresco Software Inc. using Java technology.
Their primary software offering, branded as a Digital Business Platform is proprietary & a commercially licensed open source platform, supports open standards, and provides enterprise scale.
Alfresco Software Inc. also provides open source Community Editions as free, LGPLv3 licensed open source software. These have some default restrictions in terms of scalability and availability, e.g. there is no built-in clustering support. Quality assurance by Alfresco is limited and bug fixes are only issued for the current versions.

Sease is working with Alfresco with the focus of improving the search capabilities of their content management system.
The collaboration is based on an agile approach with a structure in Sprints lasting 3 weeks each.
Each sprint is composed by:
– Periodic backlog refinement
– Sprint Planning
– Set of tasks to be carried over during the sprint
– Sprint review and retrospective

Alfresco has been our customer from October 2018, with a total of 10 contracts so far.

Activities covered:


[Business Analysis]


[Software Engineering]