Sease is working with Alfresco with the focus of improving the search capabilities of the Alfresco content management system.
The collaboration is based on an agile approach with a structure in Sprints lasting 3 weeks each.
Each sprint is composed by:
– Periodic backlog refinement
– Sprint Planning
– Set of tasks to be carried over during the sprint
– Sprint review and retrospective
Sease provided 3 Search specialists for this engagement.
[Contract 1 – 3 Months circa] Review of current Search infrastructure + bugfixes
[Contract 2] Apache Lucene/Solr beginner training
[Contract 3] Apache Lucene/Solr support training
[Contract 4- 2 Months circa] Bugfixing and tests improvements
[Contract 5(upcoming)- 4 Months] Improvement of Alfresco Search capabilities

Alfresco is a collection of information management software products for Microsoft Windows and Unix-like operating systems developed using Java technology.
Their primary software offering, branded as a Digital Business Platform is proprietary & a commercially licensed open source platform, supports open standards, and provides enterprise scale.

As software engineer specialists in search, Sease main responsibility has been to :
[Software Engineering]
– Analyse and review the usage of Apache Lucene/Solr
– Refactor various components introducing unit and integration tests
– Investigate and fix various bug of the system
– help the search team through all the processes
– propose and follow agile approach integrating Sease agile with already existing Alfresco agile infrastructure
[Business Analysis]
– Supervise the business analysis tasks with direct collaboration with Senior Stakeholders to gather requirements and elaborate appropriate solutions