Alec Badiluzzo

junior digital marketer

Alec Badiluzzo is a digital marketer passionate about how marketing is influenced by the needs of the customer and how the marketer can satisfy them through its skills and knowledge.

He is responsible for supporting the marketing and sales team in executing marketing activities in order to develop and maintain awareness of the brand, maximize revenues and drive traffic to the website.


Alec began his marketing path after a couple of years of working experience. Already during his first year of university, he developed an interest in two main fields, finance and marketing. Thanks to the courses he attended, he decided to direct all his interest in marketing, which he considers a more interesting topic than finance because it’s based entirely on customers’ needs and their satisfaction through the marketer’s skills and knowledge. 


Web Analytics

Content Marketing


E-mail Marketing

Research Topics

✓ Web Design 
✓ Social Marketing 
✓ HTML 5 / CSS 3