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london information retrieval meetup

Sease at Information Retrieval Meetup [November 2020]

London Information Retrieval Meetup

Free evening meetup aimed to Information Retrieval passionates and professionals who are curious to explore and discuss the latest trends in the field.

Location: London (online)

Date: 3th November 2020

// our talk

A Learning to Rank Project on a Daily Song Ranking Problem

Ranking data, i.e., ordered list of items, naturally appears in a wide variety of situation; understanding how to adapt a specific dataset and to design the best approach to solve a ranking problem in a real-world scenario is thus crucial.This talk aims to illustrate how to set up and build a Learning to Rank (LTR) project starting from the available data, in our case a Spotify Dataset (available on Kaggle) on the Worldwide Daily Song Ranking, and ending with the implementation of a ranking model. A step by step (phased) approach to cope with this task using open source libraries will be presented.We will examine in depth the most important part of the pipeline that is the data preprocessing and in particular how to model and manipulate the features in order to create the proper input dataset, tailored to the machine learning algorithm requirements.

// our speakers

Anna Ruggero


Ilaria Petreti

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Lisa Biella

Lisa Biella is a creative digital marketer, geek at heart who is enthusiastic about technology and how it affects people’s lives.

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