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Sease at London Information Retrieval Meetup (February 2020)

London Information Retrieval Meetup

Free evening meetup aimed to Information Retrieval passionates and professionals who are curious to explore and discuss the latest trends in the field.

Location: London (UK)

Date: 11th February 2020

// our talk

Entity Search on Virtual Documents Created with Graph Embeddings

Entity Search is a search paradigm that aims to retrieve entities and all the information related to them. In the last few years the importance of this topic has become greater and greater due to the fact that 40% of the queries made by users mention specific entities nowdays. 
This talk wants to give a first overview of the state-of-the-art methods used for entities retrieval and then describe the new approach Anna has implemented and proposed in her master thesis. The novelty introduced with this work exploits two machine learning techniques: neural network and clustering.

// our speaker

Anna Ruggero

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Lisa Biella

Lisa Biella is a creative digital marketer, geek at heart who is enthusiastic about technology and how it affects people’s lives.

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