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Sease at London Information Retrieval Meetup [October 2019]

London Information Retrieval Meetup

Free evening meetup aimed to Information Retrieval passionates and professionals who are curious to explore and discuss the latest trends in the field.

Location: London (UK)

Date: 21st October 2019

// first talk

Music Information Retrieval Take 2: Interval Hashing Based Ranking

Retrieving musical records from a corpus of Information, using an audio input as a query is not an easy task. Various approaches try to solve the problem modelling the query and the corpus of Information as an array of hashes calculated from the chroma features of the audio input. 
Scope of this talk is to introduce a novel approach in calculating such hashes, considering the intervals of the most intense pitches of sequential chroma vectors. 
Building on the theoretical introduction, a prototype will show you this approach in action with Apache Solr with a sample dataset and the benefits of positional queries. 
Challenges and future works will follow up as conclusive considerations.

// our speaker

Andrea Gazzarini

Co-founder @ Sease
// second talk

How to Build your Training Set for a Learning to Rank Project

Learning to rank (LTR from now on) is the application of machine learning techniques, typically supervised, in the formulation of ranking models for information retrieval systems. 
With LTR becoming more and more popular (Apache Solr supports it from Jan 2017), organisations struggle with the problem of how to collect and structure relevance signals necessary to train their ranking models. 
This talk is a technical guide to explore and master various techniques to generate your training set(s) correctly and efficiently. 
Expect to learn how to : 
– model and collect the necessary feedback from the users (implicit or explicit) 
– calculate for each training sample a relevance label which is meaningful and not ambiguous (Click Through Rate, Sales Rate …) 
– transform the raw data collected in an effective training set (in the numerical vector format most of the LTR training library expect) 
Join us as we explore real world scenarios and dos and don’ts from the e-commerce industry.

// our speaker

Alessandro Benedetti

Apache lucene/solr committer


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